FOCUS, The Answer is Yes! — #techieFit 2017
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FOCUS, the Answer Is Yes! — #TechieFit 2017

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Romy Antoine Courtesy of Audra Oden Photography


Romy Antoine, Photo Courtesy of Underground NYC

The holidays are over and those beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey –U Name It – is showing up in places faster than you can dance to the Shirley Caesar #UNameIt Challenge.

Yet no worries, we already have begun the work in the last article – #techieFit :: Set Realistic Fitness Goals This New Year – in identifying 1) Do it for the Right Reasons, 2) Make a Meal Plan, 3) Set Realistic Goals, 4) Make a Pact, and 5) Get a Friend.

Now, if you have not completed all five steps, it is OK. Today is your day for a fitness MIRACLE (in my Shirley Caesar voice).

The key is to Focus. Romy and I (Nathaniel J.) have identified the next 5 steps to your #techieFit goals for 2017.  Check it out below.


1. The Answer is Yes!


  • If you’re questioning whether you should go to the gym or not, the answer is yes! You’ll come up with so many reasons to skip. Too cold? Well, exercising will raise your body temp while increasing your heart rate. Too tired? Luckily, exercise will give you a jolt of energy. Stressed? Working out releases endorphins that help you feel much better. The only time you should stay home is if you’re truly sick or injured, otherwise, no excuses!


2. Expect the Obstacles, But Don’t Give Up


  • You’re going to be tired, you’re going to feel hungry but that’s all part of the many obstacles that you will face, so be prepared! Pack extra meals and snacks for when the cravings kick in. Keep an extra set of workout clothes at your office to avoid excuses the next day. Listen to some motivational podcasts on your commute and believe in yourself!


3. Learn to Meditate


  • As techies, we spend the majority of our day looking at screens. Practicing mindfulness can help you gain the focus and mental clarity necessary to accomplish your goals. The Calm App uses guided meditation and simple breathing exercises to help bring more relaxation and peace into your life.


4. Gamify It


  • Sometimes in order to make fitness more exciting, we have to turn it into a game. Superhero Workout is a fun app that puts your fitness skills to the test. You are trying to save the world from an alien invasion by completing various exercises to unlock new weapons and abilities. You’ll be having so much fun that you forgot you were really exercising!


5. Reward Yourself


  • After breaking your main goal into a few mini ones, decide on how you’ll reward yourself after reaching each one. Don’t make it a dessert from your favorite restaurant; you should never reward yourself with food! How about buying some new accessories for your gadgets, or even treating yourself to a relaxing massage? Write down your rewards at the beginning so you have something to look forward to as you go on this journey. Nexercise tracks your activity and rewards you with points that can be exchanged for gift cards at your favorite stores.

Romy Antoine – founder of RippednFit – is an ACE certified personal trainer plus a corporate wellness specialist and nutritionist. Earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia with a double major in Biology and Exercise Science & Wellness Management, he aims at ensuring fitness fun and empowering. Romy and One Stop Wellness ensures each person trained can successfully achieve and track goals by instituting specific fitness apps that are easy to use. Learn more about Romy and One Stop Wellness by visiting @RomyDidIt on Instagram.

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