Career Growth can Start Outside of Your Field

Career Growth Can Start Outside of Your Field


It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get a job in your field. It can be very discouraging to pay all that money for a piece of paper, and then end up doing something else. This is the story for many people. Don’t fret, use the experience.

Brazen Careerist highlights 3 reasons why you should say yes to working outside of your field and the benefits it can provide for your chosen profession.

1. You’ll grow your confidence

You want your potential employer to think of you as a go-getter, meaning you should look like–and be!–that kind of person. An excellent way to project this kind of attitude is to bring your mismatched skills to your interview and to show how you would apply them to your target job.

Learning how to sell your skills not only allows you to get other jobs in the future; it will also help you actually feel confident about how marketable you are for an employer.

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