Career Advice Takeaways from President Obama's Speech

Career Advice Takeaways from President Obama’s Speech

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After winning re-election to the Oval Office, President Barack Obama made a speech in Chicago aimed at healing the political divisions that have fractured the country. He assured the American people the country is not as divided as its politics suggest and “the best is yet to come.”

Along the way, he also provided advice that can benefit any driven professional, whether the state you live in is red or blue.

Here are a few takeaway lessons:

Gratitude goes a long way

The president began and ended his speech with gratitude. He thanked the people he worked with, his family and his supporters. President Obama thanked all voters, “whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign.”

Taking the time to say thank you is timeless career advice. It starts before you even get hired, when you thank the interviewer for meeting with you and follow-up afterwards with a handwritten thank you note. You should express appreciation for your team members on a project and your boss after a promotion. “Thank you” should become your go-to phrase in the workplace. If you make people feel appreciated, they will be more likely to want to work with you again.

President Obama may be the most powerful man in the country, but he knows he didn’t get there on his own. Recognition helps build loyalty, which is a major factor in long-term success.

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