Hurricane Sandy Boss Moves

Three Career Boss Moves You Can Make Before, During, and After Sandy

(Image: Thinstock)

Hurricane Sandy is making her move—so weather forecasters say — and many professionals on the East Coast are using the down time to get that much-needed break from work, spend time with children and other loved ones who are out of school, or relaxing with a boo (babies named Sandy, anyone?)

But there are many productive boss moves East Coasters you could make during this time of shut ins and shut downs—at least while you still have power and Web access:

1. Proposals and new pitches: Got a great idea or product but never “had the time” to flesh it out or map out a plan? Well, now you do. No excuse. Can’t fly, drive, ride or walk out nowhere anytime soon so why not get those thinking caps on and get to creating the next money-making concept or idea. Be ready to present whenever it’s time to go back into the office, or better yet, contact prospect clients and employers today via e-mail or social media.

2. Fitness and health kick: True, being cooped up due to a storm can lead to comfort foods and snacking, but now is the perfect time to start that Insanity workout you’ve been procrastinating to initiate or even get rid of the junk food and start fresh once the storm is over. If you have children or young ones, this is a great way to get their minds off the fear of the storm and put them on to healthy habits. So change into that workout gear and get your P90x on! You’ll feel much better when its time to return to the backlog of work this shutdown has probably created.

3. Study and research. I know somebody who’s a full-time worker and pursuing that masters or advanced degree had (or still has) a class or test today. Maybe the class or test was cancelled but use these extra hours to get that last bit of studying in. And you don’t have to be a student to be a learner. Research a career you might want to pursue, a business plan you might need to draft or a concept that could help you become a more marketable professional. Outline what you learned and the further steps you can take to learn more or apply to your current gig.