Boost Your Profile by Becoming a Board Member

Get On Board: Boost Your Profile by Becoming a Director


Your goal this year may be to further your career. You may have been passed up for promotions or other job opportunities although you’ve done everything right. What could be missing? Take the bull by the horns. This is your year for new opportunities. The skills you have acquired on the job can be applied to a leadership position on a board of directors. Brazen Careerist tells you why a board of directors can be a great boost for your career.

Why sit on a board? Here are top reasons to consider it:

1. You’ll rub shoulders with leaders and influencers in your industry or community. You know what that means: New work opportunities follow.

2. When you’re engaged in something other than your work, people have a different perception of you. There’s a positive shift in your reputation and credibility.

3. Boards are like mini-organizations. It’s a place where you can shine and expand your leadership skills.

4. Your communication skills will dramatically improve.

5. You’ll get ideas for your own business and career.

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