Young Philadelphia Student Gets Perfect SAT Score

What a Genius: Young African American Student Gets Perfect SAT Score

They say the second time around can often be better than the first. And in Germantown Academy senior Cameron Clarke’s case, it’s more than better. It’s perfect.

The Philadelphia student scored a perfect 2400 on the SATs. It was his second try, reports. The first time around he scored 2190—better than more than 98% of all test-takers.

“I put in a lot of work,” Cameron told writer Jenice Amstrong. “I took a prep class with some of my friends, and I did a lot of practice tests from a book.”

“But that only prepares you so much,” he added. “The difference between getting, like, a 2400 and a couple of points lower is just focus. You can screw up or mess up on the smallest of things. And I just feel like on that particular day, I was focused and I got kind of lucky, I guess, that I didn’t make any mistakes.”

The young brainiac is also a principal cellist for the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra and  performed last summer at the prestigious Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.