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7 Traits That Will Get You Fired


Everyone has bad habits, some which are more obvious than others. It is important to diminish or even eradicate those habits in your career if you hope to keep your job. With the worker supply being so high there is no way any manager should settle for a less than desirable employee. Inc.com writer Steve Tobak created a list of 7 employees who should be fired. Make sure that you are not exhibiting this behavior and risk getting the boot.

1. They’re a Troublemaker. With all of our issues and dysfunctions, I sometimes wonder how anything gets done at all. Still, we manage the best we can. And when employees create more problems than they’re worth, when the damage they do to the organization weighs more heavily than their achievements, then it’s time to cut them loose.

2. They Overpromise and Underdeliver. Some people have such overly inflated self-images that they either think they can do anything or crave the attention they get by making big boastful promises. But when their egos consistently write checks their capabilities can’t cash, that’s a real problem that’s not likely to be resolvable without a good shrink.

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