7 Must-Have Skills for a Tech Career

7 Must-Have Skills for a Career in Tech

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Tech industry professionals are in high demand, and the options are limitless for those who have key skills that ensure success. Learn the must-have know-how you need to be prosperous in a sector seeing high growth:

Cloud Computing: Listed as one of the fastest-growing tech skills in 2012, “cloud computing” is a broad term for the distribution of software and computing resources over a network, usually through a Web interface. As mobile devices and laptops become more common, easily syncing data across multiple devices has become a necessity, and end users are now less reliant on platform-specific software.

Companies are looking for cloud developers, administrators and integration specialists to bring their office environments into the new century.

Social Media: While social media managers sometimes get a bad rap in tech circles, demand for social media job skills are still up 216 percent over 2010. Twitter and Facebook alone account for an enormous slice of online traffic and attention, and every company wants a piece of the pie.

Employers who want to leverage social media are looking for people with skills in reputation management and online customer engagement. You’ll need to know more than how to post a status update on Facebook, though; a good social media manager has a solid skill set.

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