5 Women on Snapchat Promoting Healthy Living
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These 5 Women on Snapchat Inspire Others With Healthy Living Tips

(Image: istock by Getty Images)

(Image: istock by Getty Images)

Though DJ Khaled is king as far as motivational Snapchat stories go right now, there are a few fitness and healthy living enthusiasts that you can follow to get your inspiration, workouts, and healthy meal ideas.

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Though we do love Chef Dee, Khaled’s personal chef, you may also find healthy recipes on Tastemade’s button via the Discover page in the Snapchat app. You may also follow some of the women that share their journey to healthy living with the world.
Snap your way to savvy living by checking out some of our favorite fitness femmes and everyday people that will help you take practical steps toward your goals like the women below:

  • @HannahBGood – Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFit.com (Health Beauty Fitness) is a fitness expert by day and DJ by night who takes time to share her workouts and healthy meals in between running her brand and rocking some of the hottest sets across the country. Follow her to be inspired and catch her morning fitness routines, which include boxing, calisthenics, and exercises that even challenge her sometimes, she admits, and more.
  • @MassyFit - Though Massy Arias is more active on Instagram, she does come to “the snap” to give her fans a view into her fitness takeover from time to time. In addition to following her on Snapchat, you’ll definitely want to visit her website for weight loss challenges, recipes, interviews and more on healthy living.
  • @AJ.Odudu – AJ has a great passion for fitness, music and fashion which you can see on her website. Representing Manchester but traveling the world and sharing her story, AJ has a great personality that will help to keep you motivated to push through the fatigue, weariness, or any self-doubt you may have about getting out there and getting active to keep your body moving and your energy high!
  • @GetBodiedbyJ – Jenelle Salazar is no joke when it comes fitness. Most of her workouts are on Instagram, though you can find her fitness favorites throughout her Snapchat stories and in-between her family time. Stay tuned as she travels with her workouts and may be coming to a city near you!
  • @Rhapsodani Danielle is writer and not a chef by trade, though following her journey to healthy living will be a treat and motivation for those that want to reach their goals, and laugh along the way. She posts amazing healthy dishes and her meal prep routines on her story that all can enjoy. Usually labeled “choices,” she makes healthy eating look fun, showing you how she makes her dishes as well as sometimes showing the produce she picks up in the grocery store. For more on Dani check out her site.