5 Ways to Prepare For Your WorkWeek on Sunday

5 Ways to Prepare For Your WorkWeek on Sunday

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When it comes to having a productive workweek the old proverb “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content” is one of the best productivity tips for entrepreneurs. On any given day you’re putting out “fires” at work responding to customer complaints, employee issues, mistakes etc. and finding the time to get actual work done is a struggle.

So how can you manage the day-to-day business tasks while effectively marketing to potential and existing customers?

The reality is, there is no magic formula. Sure, we know smartphones, mobile apps, email and other communication channels make it easier for us to get work done. But starting your workweek on Sunday is a great time to put those tools to use.

Here are some simple activities to do on Sunday:

  1. Start With a Brain Dump — Get ideas out of your head and on paper. Use Evernote to jot down ideas (you can also use the audio feature to record your thoughts). Then create a “things to do” individual notebook and prioritize tasks. Try to limit your daily list of “things to do” to five things. Refer to the list throughout the week to check off tasks once you’re done.
  2. Automate Social Media — Social media is a great way to engage with your audience and promote your business, but it can be distracting and overwhelming if you’re always plugged in. Use Sunday to research industry related content. Then use Hootsuite or Buffer to post articles and promote your business across social media channels throughout the week. When feasible, consider hiring a professional or company to develop a social media strategy and manage your brand’s presence online, that way you can spend your time handling the day to day operations.
  3. Step Away From the Computer, smartphone, or physical office location. When managing a business you’re always thinking about things to do. Sometimes the best way to create and deliver an effective service or product, is to simply detach from the work that you’re doing daily, so that you can fresh perspective. Of course we know there’s a lot of guilt that comes with taking days off. But when you’re overworked and stressed, mistakes and mismanagement can occur.
  4. Invest in Yourself – Whether it’s reading a wealth magazine like Black Enterprise, taking a dance class or catching up on your favorite cooking show, make 2015 the year you learn something new. Learning new things and developing new skills can boost your confidence.
  5. Reflect on Personal and Business goals — As an entrepreneur or small business owner we get so caught up running the day-to-day business that we forget to measure progress towards goals and celebrate small wins. Sundays are a perfect day to reflect on your overall vision. Then ask yourself, “Do I need any additional support? Identify a person that you need to connect with, send them a meeting invite to chat or even meet up for lunch sometime during the week. Also reaching out to send a word of support to other business owners is another way to build meaningful relationships and increase your overall success.

What are some ways you beat the Monday blues? Drop me a line or two below.