5 Things Terrible Coworkers Say

5 Things Terrible Coworkers Say

Beware Toxic Employess
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Getting along in a workplace environment can be a challenge for some. From misunderstandings to inappropriate communication, coworkers can run into trouble when the wrong things are said and done.

Brazen Careerist details five things coworkers should never say. Heed to these tips to avoid a toxic environment:

“So, when will you be moving in together/buying a house/having a second baby?”

Warmly congratulate coworkers on their personal milestones. But while you show interest, be careful with your follow-up questions. Don’t probe. No matter how friendly your intentions may be, if they aren’t welcome, they’ll come off as judgmental and nosy.

2. “That’s nothing. My story is much worse…”

Don’t be a “topper,” especially not at work. If someone shares the details of a liver surgery or a nephew’s car accident, just listen. Show interest with questions that respect the established level of disclosure.

If you feel your own story might help her or shed light on their situation, feel free to tell it. But if you’re just trying to keep the attention focused on yourself, don’t.

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