5 Skincare Items to Revamp your Skincare Regimen
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5 Must-Have Skincare Products for Summer

(Image: www.healthyblackwoman.com)

Keeping your face hydrated and healthy in the warmer months can be a real hassle, and with the extreme heat of the summer nearing, you may  find yourself  scrambling to find products that protect, look, and feel great on your skin. Maybe it’s time for a complete skin care revamp.

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With new products constantly be introduced,  finding  new and improved facial products to fit your lifestyle won’t be a problem.

Recently, SHE Style Hunt Events hosted their She’s Fit, She’s Beautiful demo showcase, which brings the latest products in health, fitness, style and beauty to one place for influential women to try.

The in-depth display included some of the most recent innovations in skin care and cosmetics for women looking to upgrade their daily routines.

From hydration to recovery, Black Enterprise has you covered, with five worth-a-try products displayed during the She’s Fit, She’s Beautiful event.

  1. Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay— Lets begin with cleansing. This red clay gel cleanser claims to detoxify, cleanse, and unclog pores of any unwanted residue. Great after a long day out in the elements.

  2. Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths— These oil free pore refining wipes are small enough to carry in a purse and may work great for those sticky hot summer days, to eliminate oil and shine.

  3. Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit— Get beach ready with this complete hair removal kit. It comes with skin guarding balm to prepare and protect skin, hair removal cream , and soothing wipes for clean up and added moisture.

  4. Softlips Cube— Not only is this lip protectant in an adorable easy to use glass-like package but it comes in summer ready flavors like strawberry and pomegranate blueberry. The five in one lip care balm has SPF 15 and claims to hydrate, replenish, soothe, protect and add shine.

  5. Regenica Recovery Gel– The sun’s rays can be harsh on your skin. This recovery gel is a soothing balm that helps quickly heal damaged skin with its anti-inflammatory and calming agents.