5 Signs You're Not Serious About Your Career

That Ain’t Boss: 5 Signs You Aren’t Serious About Your Career

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

If you’re counting down the hours ’til you can clock out, and you’re the first one out the door, that could be a sign. You talk the talk, but your actions aren’t reflecting your drive and determination. If your friends are rolling their eyes at your next grand plan to make it big because they heard it all before, you may be giving your professional life a back seat. Madame Noire highlights some of the signs that show you aren’t serious about your career.

Everything is “Not your job”: If your first thought, let alone verbal response, when someone asks you to do anything outside of your job description is, “that’s not my job,” you may soon find yourself without one. When you work for someone other than yourself and are interested in excelling professionally, you have to go above and beyond. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, but there will be a lot of thankless tasks along your professional climb and you do them just because someone asked you to. And on that note, you should actually be taking the initiative and volunteering more than being made to do something.

You don’t construct better work after you’re criticized: The purpose of providing feedback is so that you (a) do better next time, or (b) keep up the good work. Nearly all of us knows how to take a compliment but it’s the constructive criticism we have a tendency to try to put out of our minds.

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