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5 Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Coworking Space

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

From graphic designers and film makers to software developers and writers there’s a growing market for independent workers looking for creative ways to share space, ideas and office amenities. Coworking spaces are similar to membership organizations and are popping up all over the world.  Membership fees and options vary but prices can range from $20 per day for desk space to $750 per month for a shared or private office.

In addition to providing the comforts and amenities of an office, many coworking spaces regularly host fundraisers, happy hours, networking mixers, and other special events as a way for people to grow their business.

So, whether you prefer a spa-like vibe,  a trendy place to bring your pets as you work, or a quiet spot to host client meetings, before renting, take some time to research and ask the following questions:

  • How are members selected? Is there a vetting process? What is the professional makeup of members?
  • Are there any business development events held for professionals to network, share knowledge and resources?  How many events are held per week?
  • What is the culture of the office? Is there a quiet area?  Are there communal areas where tenants can crowd source solutions to business challenges?
  • If problems occur at the office, who is the primary point of contact and how is it handled?
  • Will I have access to the office and office equipment 24 hours a day? Is the office open on holidays and weekends?
  • Is there a safe place to store your office equipment?
  • Will I have a guaranteed spot or location daily?
  • Do you charge extra to rent team conference rooms?
  • Are private or conference rooms sound proof?

Thanks to tech advancements, access to the cloud, mobile capabilities, and productivity tools, many professionals and entrepreneurs have the ability to work from anywhere. But the reality is, working from home is not peace of mind for some people. The concept of coworking spaces are transforming the roles of the small business owner does everything himself into a community of business owners.

To learn more about co working spaces, check out  www.WeWork.com