4 Simple Steps to Getting Fit With Your Family
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4 Simple Steps to Get Fit With Your Family

iStock_000036297900_MediumThe following was written by Daris Wilson:

Getting fit and in shape is tough enough. But adding others to the mix can be quite exhausting especially when it’s family.

In order for you to get fit, stay fit, and live a happy, sustainable life, you will need a support system, and there’s no better team than those you love, live with, and see daily. They will hold you accountable to getting healthy and maintaining your health.

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Below are my top tips for getting fit with your family:

1. Communicate it as priority: Just like you and your spouse speak about finances and budgeting, you should do the same regarding your workout schedule and meals for the week. Schedule some time over the weekend to discuss schedules, meal plan, and prep. Communicate constantly throughout the week regarding work meetings and family happenings so the two of you are on the same page when it comes to executing the workout and nutrition plan.

2. Share the nutrition steps: Nutrition steps consist of meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping (cooking and preparing it to take with you). Based on your family’s schedule, you may be able to plan, shop, and prep together. But your family’s schedule can also be not-so-cooperative so be open to being flexible as those responsibilities may change week to week. Totally fine as long as there’s constant communication of those changes.

3. Get the kids involved: Instead of having the kids watch television or do homework when cooking, enroll them into the process. They can help you chop vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. or help mix and/or pour ingredients. Schedule a home workout once per week. They will want to take part in it. When the weather permits, get outdoors with the family and do some interval running at the local track or park.

4. Lead from the front: You must take ownership in this journey as it’s yours. Yes, you’re getting fit with your family but the truth is you have to do it for you. The most effective way to get a non-compliant spouse or partner on board is to continue to be diligent in your lifestyle and be OK with this person not being on board just yet. There’s no need to play the blame-game here. That keeps them non-compliant. Everyone has their unique reasons for not being ready and that’s OK. Continue to lead from the front and be the beacon of light. Do not judge, and soon enough your healthy team will be growing in size.

Deciding to get fit with your family will be the best investment in your family’s legacy. You will not regret it.

Daris Wilson is a certified personal trainer and the creator of JCF Boot Camp in New Jersey. You can follow his fitness journey and health tips @JCFBootCamp.