4 Advantages of Having a Peer Mentor

Each One, Teach One: 4 Advantages to Having Peer Mentor

We all have that friend who seems to be more accomplished then we are, although they are the same age. They have the degree, the job, the passion and the finances. Their path has allowed them to make all of the right career moves to reach the next plateau. In the meantime, you might be stuck in a rut, on the verge of unemployment, and barely making ends meet. Instead of letting the green-eyed monster creep up on you, take advantage of your friend and make them a mentor. Brazen Careerist highlights the advantages of creating a peer mentor relationship.
1. They’re at the same stage of life you are
Mentors are the people you can turn to when decision-making gets tough. The advantage of peers is that only they understand what it means to be a Twitter-obsessed Millennial in a recession economy in ways that senior mentors cannot.

Maybe you’re both experiencing unemployment after college, or trying to figure out how to manage your online brand to reflect both your personal and professional life. Because your peers are confronting these same dilemmas, they’re equipped to empathize with the factors influencing your decision-making process.

2. They’re fluent in the new way of working

We live in an age of rapidly evolving technology and social media, which has impacted the way we work and live. Your peers are more likely to be excited about embracing these new technologies and work habits, whereas you might have to convince older generations of their value. Can Pinterest really leverage your brand capital? Who knows–but a peer mentor will be more likely to encourage your exploration of these emerging tools.

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