Top Millennials Leading in Education Reform

Under 30 and Winning: Top Millennials Overhauling Education

Amanda Ebokosia, founder and CEO, The Gem Project

A great feat seems empty with no passing of the torch. And when it comes to education, building strong foundations and legacies is vital for a generation already facing major challenges.

There are key millennials who have taken on the task of helping their peers and those who will come after them become better at how they think and what they do. These young leaders are passionate about overhauling the education system, making the playing field that much more equal for youth. Forbes writer Meghan Casserly lists 30 of them, including 26-year-old Amanda Ebokosia, founder and CEO of The Gem Project and a contributor to

This Nigerian-American founded the non-profit The GEM Project while still a sophomore at Rutgers University. Six years later, she’s helped over 1,200 young people ages 4 to 24 give back to their communities through service-based enrichment programs, such as entrepreneurial contests and filming educational public service announcements.

Others included on the list are hip-hop artist B.O.B., 24, who serves as ambassador of VH1’s Save the Music Foundation; Zakiya Smith, 27, who’s director of post-secondary innovation at the Center for American Progress; and 17-year-old Nikhil Goyal, author of One Size Does Not fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School.

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