Management Tips You Can Learn From Video Games

Could Managers Learn a Thing or Two From Video Games? Apparently, Yes

(Image: Thinkstock)

The video game industry is huge, with enthusiasts from all walks of life enjoying—and making big bank—from the use, development and integration of gaming. In many ways, the prevalence of it has had its critics and advocates in terms of productivity, either improving worker morale or in extreme use, hindering it.

Entrepreneur Bobby Campbell details for Brazen Careerist another way of looking at the residual effects of how games increase the level of dopamine, particularly in millennials, and how managers should take a cue from the page of game developers to keep workers motivated.

“Even if they don’t realize this, Millennials have been trained for job performance because of the way video games use this system,” Campbell writes. “Game designers understand the power and psychology of the dopamine reward system and incorporate it into gameplay, literally making their games more addictive.”

He offers three steps to incorporating the principles gaming developers use to make the hottest games that could help in management:

1. Develop a consistent reward system.
2. Dangle the “pot of gold” reward.
3. Realize generational differences aren’t just chemical; they’re also cultural.