Young Adults Creating Their Own Wealth

Young Wealth Builders

Young adults are taking care of business when it comes to personal finance. Despite reports about their financial illiteracy and indifference, some have learned from the financial meltdown of 2008 that a secure financial foundation is essential. A 2011 survey by a division of JPMorgan Chase and U.S. News &World Report shows that young adults (age 18—34) are concerned about responsible money management and want to pay down debt, spend less, save more, and create a budget. Of the 1,000 young adults surveyed, 54% said they wanted to save money.

More young adults are beginning to understand that earning a high salary doesn’t automatically equal wealth. “There’s a tendency to equate high income with wealth,” says Lanta Evans-Motte, financial adviser at Raymond James, a diversified financial services holding company. “Certainly, having a high income gives you greater ability to accumulate wealth, but it’s not automatic. Wealth creation must be deliberate.”

Here are three people in their thirties who are on their way to creating wealth.

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