Wordpress Offers New Managed Hosting Solution for Small Businesses

WordPress Offers New Managed Hosting Solution for Small Businesses

(Image: WordPress)
(Image: WordPress)

Premier blogging platform WordPress unveiled a new option today for small to mid-level businesses, WordPress.com Enterprise. While large companies such as CNN, UPS and NBC Sports can handle the high price tag on WordPress.com VIP ($3,750 a month — not including setup fees), this service is pricey for smaller companies.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is offering WordPress.com Enterprise as an in-between option for small businesses and other customers who need more power than a regular WordPress.com account, but not a full-scale WordPress VIP account.  The newest option gives users unlimited traffic, bandwidth and storage for $500 a month. Users also get access to a set of approved WordPress plugins and templates.

This far, brands like Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Chef, ESPN’s Digital and Print Products, Soleil Moon Frye’s Moonfrye.com, and The Crosby Press from JackThreads are already using the new platform.

WordPress.com Enterprise may not be an ideal solution for many smaller businesses given that the $500 price point is a lot higher than most web hosts charge for similar service and more freedom and options.  While WordPress is highly popular, its hosting services has competition from newer and cheaper options such as Tumblr, Squarespace and BlogDroid–all of which have gained major clients in the last few months.