Women of Power: How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Women of Power: 3 Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

On day three of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, attendees learned how to manage their Web brand and reputation at a seminar facilitated by Stacey Ferguson, founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media.

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For power women, knowing and controlling how they’re represented online is important, especially since social media is a vital component of everyday business. If reality doesn’t match what’s in the digital space, it can be detrimental for career advancement and business expansion.

Check out three tips for managing your online presence so that it reflects the best of the best:

1. Be sure the elements of your brand are consistent across the board. From your Website to your blog to your social media profiles, be sure all details of your brand, including your name and imagery, match in a way that won’t confuse those who seek to do business with you or the audience you seek to attract.

2. If you find that there is negative or incorrect information associated with your brand or name via search, find ways to correct it. Update information on your blog, Website and social media profiles. Also, find ways to bury unsavory associations that have nothing to do with your brand but might come up when your name is searched, such as consistently and frequently posting photos, insights and comments associated with your brand.

3. Be strategic when trying to balance multiple brands and offerings via the Web. It’s a good idea to have a personal portfolio page that sums up the variety of things you offer, so that the information isn’t too segmented. Find ways to summarize what you do in a central location and let that serve as the gateway to learning more.

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