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Making the Case for John McCain


The State (S.C.): For more than 40 years, in war and peace, John McCain has exhibited fierce integrity, principled independence and awe-inspiring courage as he has put his country first. Between two extraordinary candidates, he is the better qualified. (Oct. 24)

The Cape Coral (Fla.) Daily Breeze: It is not too much to say that the contest for president this year pits a dedicated liberal politician, Obama, against a veteran servant of the public – McCain. Obama is easily the most liberal of the 100 senators. His running mate, Sen. Joseph Biden, is a close second. Simply because McCain’s character has been one of service to the people – not to a political party or the gigantic federal bureaucracy – we urge residents of our area to cast their ballots for John McCain, the leader Americans need. (Oct. 28)

The SF (Calif.) Examiner: Ever the maverick, McCain selected Palin because her record mirrors his own in courageously standing up to corrupt special interests regardless of party and cutting government waste. She has the instincts, temperament and backbone to help restore the Republican Party to its conservative principles and the country as a whole to those foundational ideals of individual freedom, equal justice and government that truly is of law, not of men. (Sept. 24)

The Birmingham News: Obama has tried mightily, with much apparent success, to paint a McCain presidency as George W. Bush’s third term, but that’s just not true. Yes, McCain has a largely conservative voting record. But he has parted ways with Bush – and has been on the right side – on important issues such as the torture of prisoners, Guantanamo Bay and the environment. (Oct. 26)

The New York Post: McCain has been in Washington for many years now, but he is not of Washington. He knows where the levers of power are located – and how to manipulate them – but he is not controlled by them. McCain’s selection of the charming, but rock-solid, outsider Sarah Palin as his running mate underscores the point. (Sept. 8)

The Savannah (Ga.) Daily News: Mr. Obama’s meteoric rise has been impressive. All Americans can take pride in his historic candidacy. But America needs a president who shines with experience more than star power. That’s John McCain. We recommend his candidacy. (Oct. 19)

The Intelligencer Wheeling (W. Va) New Register: By reining in irresponsible financial institutions, cutting the size of government, and providing relief for all taxpayers, McCain will provide a shot in the arm for the economy. Though there are many reasons to vote for McCain, that one alone ought to be enough. We urge thoughtful, concerned area residents to vote for McCain for president, in an attempt to get the economy moving again. (Oct. 16)