Whims Allows Users to Get Creative With Status Updates

Whims: ‘Instagram For Words’ Allows Users to Get Creative With Status Updates

(Image: Whims)
(Image: Whims)

With a highly-saturated market of social networking sites, it takes more than a few funky new features to woo social media enthusiasts (especially since there are new sites popping up nearly every week). For eager social stans, Twitter was there when Facebook got old, and Instagram was the support when the 140-character limit became outdated, but which site truly allows you to release your inner artiste?

Whims, which is being donned the “Instagram for Words,” thinks it can do the trick. The free iPhone app doesn’t have a character limit and allows users to choose from 30 stylesheets to create a typographic masterpiece and share it on Facebook or Twitter, email it or save it on your smartphone. Users can adjust the color scheme, font size, line height and justification to suit their preferences.

While it’s only available for iOS, the Android version is coming soon.

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