What is Kobe Bryant Musing About?

What is Kobe Bryant Musing About?

Kobe Bryant is on the circuit promoting his upcoming documentary, Kobe Bryant’s Muse which airs on Showtime this Saturday night but it’s not clear as to what the documentary will actually reveal about the life of the 18-year NBA veteran.In the movie’s teaser, Bryant says “This isn’t a film.” He goes on to say. “I want to say something.  I [have] things I want to dive into and get off my chest.  I don’t have the patience to sit and write a book, so I’ll do it this way. What I found through the process was that it became more than a documentary. It became therapy on film.”

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At 36 years-old, Bryant is coming to the end of his professional career as a guard for the L.A. Lakers.  According to the Hollywood Reporter’s recent article, Bryant has confirmed that he is quitting after one more season. But an official announcement has not been made to that effect.

Nonetheless, the longest career for a player with the L.A. Lakers is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who played for 20 years (or 20 seasons) and retired in 1989.  So, its pretty safe to bet on Bryant getting out of the game in one or two years tops.

But this project doesn’t seem to be about Bryant charting a second career in movie production. Although he is named as executive producer, he made it clear at a press conference in July that he was producer ‘only in title alone.’ Bryant said “I’m not sure what producer even means.”

Deadline reported in July that Stephen Espinoza, EVP and GM of Showtime Sports & Event Programming, explained that Kobe Bryant’s Muse “isn’t intended to be a biography.”

Well just about anything that is revealed about the highest paid player in the NBA, earning $23.5 million annually, will surely grab viewer’s attention. And with the son of spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, Gotham Chopra, as producer and interviewer, it will surely be an introspective work.

See Bryant’s musings from Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel here.