Five Ways for Single Moms to Make Extra Money

Money Help For Single Moms: 5 Ways to Make Extra Money

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Sara McLanahan, a professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University, and Christopher Jencks, professor of social policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, reported that 70% of all black children are born to unmarried mothers. It goes without saying that the work of single moms is never done. For the single mother looking to make a few extra dollars, but can’t pick up another full-time job due to their packed schedule of basketball games and PTA meetings, these side hustles may offer financial help for single moms.

Money Help For Single Moms: 5 Ideas 

Direct Sales

As a mom, you have access to so many people, from your children’s teachers to their friends’ parents. Take advantage of your network and try direct sales. Find a company, like Mary Kay or jewelry retailer Azuli Skye, that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities and lets everyday people sell their products for a percentage of the cut. Lisa Nicole Cloud of Married to Medicine became a self-made millionaire through direct sales.


Even if you work full-time during the week, About Parenting says that there may still be some childcare opportunities to up your income. Parents whose professions require them to work odd hours often need quality care for their children. Offering to look after a few little ones overnight or on the weekends may be a viable option if you enjoy kids.


The benefit to freelancing is that you determine your own hours and you get to work from home. More and more magazines, blogs and newspapers are scaling back on their in-office staff and hiring freelancers to contribute their reporting and editing services. There are also other professions that hire freelancers for tasks, like assisting, that can be done from home.


According to About Parenting, cleaning just one house per week can add an extra $300 to your wallet. Cleaning jobs may average you around three hours, still leaving plenty of time for you to tend to your children and work full-time. The parenting resource suggests promoting your service on local grocery store bulletin boards.

Pet Sitting

While neighbors or friends vacation, watching after their furry family members is a good way to make some extra money. If your child is fond of animals, this could even be a fun side gig that involves your whole family. A pet sitter on Hub Pages does two to three pet sitting visits a day and makes an extra $1000 each month, averaging $12 to $17 per visit.