Why This Woman Launched a Waterless Medi-Pedi Nail Spa

Why This Woman Launched a Waterless Medi-Pedi Nail Spa

Letisha Royster, the founder of the Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa,
Photo cred: Letisha Royster

For many of us, a trip to the nail salon means soaking your hands or feet in a warm, bubbling bath while indulging in a few minutes of relaxation. But believe it or not, water is not a required part of the soaking process. In fact, if not cleaned properly, foot baths and nail tools can increase the risk of bacterial infection. Enter Letisha Royster, the founder of the Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa, an alternative natural nail spa performing soakless manicures and pedicures. WMPN protects client’s health by eliminating soaking and reducing the risk of nail infections.

“I was going through my certification to become an Advance Nail Technician and learned about the importance of high infection control in the nail salon, how to treat clients with chronic illnesses, and perform aseptic techniques, says Royster. “This process helped me to see how vital health should be connected with beauty. I also realized that chronically ill clients and even physicians don’t have confidence in many nail technicians because of their sanitation practices in the salon.”

Black Enterprise caught up with Royster to learn more about her Atlanta-based business.

Black Enterprise: Tell us about the WMPN process.

Royster: I saw the necessity to provide a more sanitary and sterile environment for everyone to feel safe, not be neglected from proper nail care, and have confidence in a nail salon they can call their pampering safe haven away from home. WMPN transforms dry and/or hard heels into moisturizing and smooth soles.

BE: What makes your business unique?

Royster: We have licensed and certified staff with specialized training to treat high-risk clients or clients suffering from chronic illnesses. We also have relationships with physicians to service client’s medical issues with their hands/feet.

BE: How did you know you had a viable business idea?

Royster: I tested my target audience while performing waterless treatments in school. Many were amazed at the results and felt safer with more sanitary treatments.