President Obama Opens Up About What Helps Him Manage the Demands of His Job

President Obama Talks Managing Demands of His Job

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Extended business meetings, never-ending to-do list, conference calls and a demanding home life can cause many professionals to reach an all-time high when it comes to work day stress levels. But if the man who runs an entire country is able to keep his cool in the midst of a work day storm, then maybe we ought to tear a page or two out of his stress management book.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, President Obama opened up about what helps him to remain cool, calm and collected even when it seems like everything is going terrible. He credits his morning exercise routine and his calm Hawaiian roots for helping him to maintain a level-head in a high-stress environment.

“I don’t get too high, don’t get too low,” said Obama while also noting that his dedication to quality family time also keeps him grounded.

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“I’m very consistent about spending time with my family,” said POTUS. “And when you have dinner with your daughters — particularly teenage daughters — they’ll keep you in your place and they’ll teach you something about perspective.”

The father of two also said that in an era where social media has heightened the urgency of things, he keeps his calm by “[taking] the long view” on issues, rather than panicking about what’s happening day by day.

“We live in such a 24/7 Twitter fed constant news cycle and everything’s a crisis,” said Obama. “Everything’s a crisis, everything is terrible, everything is doomsday, everything is — if it doesn’t get solved tomorrow, you know, your presidency is going off the rails. There must have been what, 15, 20 things that over the last seven years folks have said, ‘This is it. It’s over.'”