[WATCH] Fox News Guest Sparks Outrage With Remarks On Blacks and Republicans

[WATCH] Fox News Guest Sparks Outrage With Commentary On Blacks and Republicans

Fox News’ Fox & Friends recently explored the importance of the African American vote on the first day of Black History Month with a very contrary conversation that blasted black voters for “slavish support” of the Democratic Party.

Crystal Wright (aka GOPBlackChick), a guest on the show and conservative pundit, argued that Donald Trump is the only presidential hopeful credibly suited to compete for the African American vote, citing his plans for mass deportation as a boon to blacks and applauding the wealthy Republican candidate for not “pander[ing]” to Black Lives Matter.

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“He’s the only one really talking to black voters in my opinion on the Republican side,” Wright told co-hosts Steve Doocy and Anna Kooiman.

Some viewers took to the Web in outrage and disgust, saying Wright’s insights were off-base and insulting, while some applauded her insights, even comparing her to Malcolm X.





Watch the discussion below: