Want To Spread The Word About Your Work? Find Your Tribe.

Want to Spread the Word About Your Work? Find Your Tribe

(Image: iStock/ranplett)
(Image: iStock/ranplett)


“You can’t do it alone.” This is one of the hardest truths you’ll ever have to accept—especially if you’re looking to build a successful business or rewarding career. Enter the value of a “tribe,” a group of like-minded people who can help spread your work around the world.

Although the concept of tribes is nothing new, now more than ever in a noisy digital world, finding and leading a tribe is a game-changing boss move. And the good news is you don’t have to build a tribe from scratch. Seth Godin, a marketing expert who coined the term, summarized the process perfectly: All you have to do is find people who are already connected and show up consistently to lead them by helping them to achieve their goals.

Here are a few actionable steps to get started.

  1. Search values, interest, and topics via online social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Periscope and follow people of interest.
  2. Search BuzzSumo for Influencers. Influencers have an established voice and social media presence. By following them, you can connect with like-minded people, stay on top of trends in your area and understand your tribe’s needs and desires.
  3. Nurture your relationships with followers and industry influencers by reading and sharing their articles, commenting on their updates, and engaging in conversation.
  4. Join or start a Facebook group to connect with like-minded people, and build your credibility as a leader. Share your experiences, tools, and relevant articles, ask questions and solicit advice from other group members.
  5. Participate in Twitter Chats to find people with like-minded interests, learn from them and share your perspectives. Twitter chats are moderated discussions that use a relevant hashtag for a certain topic (e.g. #Twitter Chat, #BEBizChat). Twitter chats are also great ways for boosting your online visibility.
  6. Host your own event– Plan a small meetup, virtual summit, or conference around common challenges faced by people with similar interests.