Nation Celebrates Women's Equality Day

Nation Commemorates Women’s Equality Day

(Image: Shutterstock)
(Image: Shutterstock)

Today, Aug. 26, is Women’s Equality Day, as declared by the White House, commemorating 95 years since women won the right to vote under the 19th Amendment.

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The president released a proclamation Monday, announcing the holiday to highlight the nation’s progress and efforts toward equality for women across the board, from social to the workplace.

“From day one, my administration has carried forward the torch of gender equality, working tirelessly to ensure that all of America’s daughters have the same rights as her sons,” President Obama said in his statement. “When women succeed, America succeeds.”

All U.S. presidents have proclaimed Aug. 26 Women’s Equality Day since 1972, and this year’s activities included a Twitter chat hosted by Valarie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama.

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