Twitter Acquires Internet Security Startup Dasient

Twitter Acquires Internet Security Startup Dasient

I know that this is probably an obvious one, but how do you really engage with Twitter? Do you use it as a personal tool to connect with others? Promote your business? Both? Do you need a personal and business account? I would say, it all depends. I have one account for me personally, which I also use professionally. When my new book, Chasing Youth Culture And Getting It Right, is published in April, I will be using another account for book tweets only. I want to make sure that those messages go to people who want data on youth marketing specifically. So the moral of this story is, know your target market. Your tweets will have a greater impact if you’re really focused on who you’re trying to reach.
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It’s been less than a week and already news is swirling about Twitter’s latest acquisition. (Word hit last week that the microblogging service snagged Summify, a social-media news aggregator. While the exact use of this site in relation to Twitter is unknown, some speculate the purchase will assist with feed management and priority, according to

On Monday, Twitter attained Dasient, a security startup offering malware protection for businesses. A post on the startup’s blog confirms the purchase, noting it is “effective immediately”– working solely on Twitter’s revenue engineering team and ceasing service to new clients.  Dasient went on to say:  “By joining Twitter, Dasient will be able to apply its technology and team to the world’s largest real-time information network.”

Twitter is no stranger to security breaches. A total of 55 celebrity accounts, including Barack Obama, Fox News and Facebook were hacked in 2010, sparking the FTC ruling that Twitter would be subjected to a bi-annual security audit.  Trending topics on Twitter is another site for spammers to target large numbers of people at any given time.

The popular social network’s effort to crank up its security comes less than two months  after rolling out the company’s advertising efforts.

Terms for the deal have not been disclosed.

Dasient was founded in 2008 by former Google employees Neil Daswani, Shariq Rizvi and Ameet Ranadive.  It was funded by Google Ventures, among others.