Top 10 Free Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Top 10 Free Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

There are many apps and tools that can help alleviate the pressure of being a small business owner on a limited budget. Many entrepreneurs are using new technology to efficiently run their business. The most popular tools are productivity, management and tracking software. With the right tools you can streamline your business, save time and money, and possibly even skip the learning curve. contributor Courtney McKenzie highlights 10 must-have tools for every entrepreneur:

Productivity Tools


The award-winning powerful note-taking app allows users to keep track of every note regardless of which device it’s on. Once you set up your free account you can add the app to your computer, smartphone and tablet. Each time you add or modify a note it will automatically sync to update the note on all your devices.


Staying on track can be a chore, especially with everyday distractions such as emails, social networking sites and social games. Wrike’s project management software lets you to take your assignments with you anywhere you go, allowing you to keep track of your schedules, ideas, files and conversations.


This is the perfect to-do list app. From making grocery lists to work tasks, Wunderlist is a great tool to help on-the-go professionals keep track of all their tasks.


The cloud-based, file synchronization service will allow you to store your photos, documents and videos in the cloud and share them easily. Now you can finally stop emailing yourself files at the end of the day.

Social Media Tools


Write the tweet you want to share and this link generator will generate a custom shortened link. Helping to generate more exposure, it gives readers the opportunity to share with just one click.


Managing your social media can be a daunting task. Thanks to Hootsuite, your social media posts can be scheduled weeks and months in advance.

Pretty Link

Make all your URL’s more attractive and trackable with Pretty Link. Simply add the target web address, and add the shorter, prettier link to enhance your URL while still being able to track it.

Speak Pipe

Add this app to your website to allow your visitors to leave you a voice message. This is a great way for you to get to know your site visitors better. You can also reply with a voice message or via email.

Analytics & Tracking Tools

Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to your website will help you track the number of visitors your site gets daily. It also monitors the traffic sources, length of their visit and pages viewed.

Google Alerts

Get email updates with the latest Google results based on your queries. Monitor what is being said about your brand, industry, and competitors without doing research. There’s always room for improvement with this tool, but it’ll do the job.

Courtney McKenzie is a podcast consultant and digital strategist. McKenzie is the founder of Entrepreneur 2.0, a top-ranked business podcast in iTunes, and is the Founder of Crowned Public Relations, Inc — the leading digital public relations based in Palm Beach/Miami, FL. Connect with her online at, on Twitter @CeoCourtney.