Strategic Advancement: What's Your Network Worth?

Strategic Advancement: What’s Your Network Worth?

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

There’s that common saying: Your network is your net worth. But what does this really mean in the grand scheme of things? Have you ever taken account of the people in your personal and professional circle and their role in helping you advance in life? This is something successful leaders do all the time, taking account of their relationships and team of advisers to ensure they’re constantly growing and moving in the right direction.

Executive Lewis Schiff details a step-by-step strategy for recognizing the value of your network and how to maximize it. He writes:

1. Write down a list of a dozen key people.

These are the people you would go to tomorrow for help in finding new work of the kind that you do best. Last week I wrote about how luck always favors people with focus and purpose. That’s especially true with networking. You first need to identify your ideal work situation or type of business deal. Only then are you ready to take stock of whom you’ll need to help find it.

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