5 Simple, Best-Kept Secrets to Career Success

5 Simple, Best-Kept Secrets to Career Success

black woman shushing
black woman shushing
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You may be familiar with the usual strategy toward success. You’ve done your due diligence and figure you’re on a nice path toward achieving what you want. But there are some things leaders know that keep them ahead the game—the so-called secrets to success. You might be surprised by some of them:

Secret No. 1: No one knows what they’re doing all the time.

Whether you’re joining the office ranks at entry level, starting a new career, or taking on your first management position, the thing no one wants to admit is that everyone has those moments where they wonder if they’ve really got what it takes.

What sets the winners apart from the losers is how you handle those doubts. That coworker who seems so in control? She’s afraid people will see right through her and realize she’s actually flying by the seat of her pants. Your boss, who has the answer for everything, has times when he has no clue what he’s supposed to do and doubts whether he’s really management material after all.

No one is 100% sure of themselves at all times, from cube dwellers on up to the CEO’s office. A necessary part of growing and advancing is facing periods of uncertainty and discomfort–which keeps plenty of people smack in their comfort zones (where they’ll stay for years).

Successful people are willing to accept the fact that they won’t always know everything, to learn as they go and to exude confidence even when they don’t necessarily have it just yet. If you can go through the intimidating times with your cool calmly in place, you could be one of the few who manage to get from the cube to the CEO’s office.

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