10 Tips To Transitioning Back To Work After

Managing New Mommyhood: 10 Tips To Transitioning Back To Work After Baby

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You’ve had your new bundle of joy, bonded with the little angel and the dreaded day has come: You have to get back to work. The time of transitioning from nursing, stay-at-home mom to office professional can be quite challenging. For new parents, separation anxiety can mean more than just tears and constant calls home. But, take these tips from Madame Noire that can help make the transition smoother.

Bond with your newborn: It’ll be difficult to leave your newborn after maternity leave, so make sure you get the time to truly bond with him or her. Maternity leave might be one of the only times you get to solely put down work and focus on your family. Embrace that time. And don’t let other distractions creep in as you build that early relationship with your baby.

Explore your telecommuting options: Telecommuting could be an option for those who are not necessarily physically or maybe even emotionally ready to leave their newborn. Make sure you explore this option with your supervisor. It is also a great way to ease your way back into the work world mentally for a week or two before heading out to the office. Be mindful that telecommuting takes a lot of multitasking and micromanaging from outside of the office, so make sure you are able to handle both answering timely emails and taking phone conferences while possibly having to feed and burp the little one.

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