Top 5 Reasons People Buy In to Dynamic Leaders

Top 5 Reasons People Buy In to Dynamic Leaders

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In this special five-part series, Lisa Bing, educator, corporate consultant and founder of Bing Consulting Group Inc., talks the keys to dynamic leadership success and how to position yourself to take the helm.

After teaching leadership and management to nearly 800 managers, from varied industries (including retail, banking, entertainment and healthcare) and multiple professions (including customer service, technology and engineering) from 23 countries I’ve compiled these top five reasons people buy in or choose to follow certain leaders and not others:

1. The leader builds confidence.

At the top of the list are leaders that help others feel confident in their abilities. Sometimes they see potential in others that they have not yet seen in themselves.

2. It’s someone professionals can learn from.

People want to be around and support leaders who help them learn and grow.  Effective leaders coach and teach.  Sending employees to classes isn’t enough. Taking the time to explain the thinking behind a decision or assigning a project that helps develop new skills are important factors.  People are hungry to learn- helping them do so is a win for everyone.

3. They’re super-trustworthy.

I wish this was a “given”.  Unfortunately leaders create mistrust with lack of communication, reneging on their word, withholding or from their own inability to trust others.  Leaders that appear interested only in their pursuits without apparent regard for others have difficulty in the trust department.

4. They have a track record of success.

Not surprisingly, people want to be with winners. But that doesn’t mean winning at all costs. Leaders involved in meaningful work, attract like-minded supporters and there must also be an alignment of values.

5. They advocate on behalf of the team.

Leaders willing to stand up for their team garner a level of commitment that others do not.  Whether asking for needed resources, seeking deserved recognition or defending against unfair treatment, the assertive leader, who knows who to go to to get things done and improve conditions for the team is a standout.

Think about your own experiences. Who are the leaders that you most look up to, whether you reported to them directly or worked with them on a committee or volunteer project? What is it that they do to warrant your support? #Soundoff and follow Lisa on Twitter (@LisaABing).

Lisa A. Bing works with leaders and executives to aid them in extending influence and improving workplace performance. Her company, Bing Consulting Group, boasts clients including Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, New York City Police Department, and The American Cancer Society. The seasoned consultant has more than 20 years experience in professional executive coaching and skilled corporate team building and has been honored by The Network Journal as one of the “25 Influential Black Women in Business,” among other honors. The Brooklyn, New York native chairs the Concord Christfund Board of Governors, sits on the executive committee of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and has served as president of the American Society For Training and Development—NY.