5 Steps to Getting More Perks at Work

5 Steps to Getting More Perks at Work

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Most leaders know that the way to a raise or other perks is not as simple as just asking. You must position yourself and be strategic. But how do you do that without totally flopping? Try this strategy:

1. Make yourself indispensable. Take responsibility for as many duties as you can. The more that’s left up to you to do, the more valuable you are to the company. If you keep this up, then you’ll be more efficient at these tasks and gain an advantage over your colleagues.

If you’re not sure your boss notices how indispensable you are, consider taking an unexpected sick day, or maybe a few in a row. Your coworkers will be scrambling to keep up with what you usually do, and hopefully for you, the office will be thrown into chaos. Then, when you stroll back into work and have everything back in order within five minutes, your boss will realize how crucial you are to the company. This will stick in her mind when you go in and ask for a raise.

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