Tips for Using Visual Content Marketing to Explode Your Brand

Tips for Using Visual Content Marketing to Explode Your Brand

Joan Wilson, founder of The Business Corner Woman

Three years ago, after finishing up an email and preparing for bed, Joan Wilson felt a sharp pain in her chest. In those fragile seconds she thought, “I need to get out of this room before I fall.” One hour later, she regained consciousness lying in a pool of blood. She’d hit her head in the fall.

After a week of tests, a neurologist delivered some crushing news: “Ms. Wilson, we have run numerous reports and you have suffered a severe brain injury. You may not have a life as you knew it before and there may be some temporary or permanent impairment to your thinking, speech, and ability to process information.”

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Wilson made an intentional decision to exercise unrelenting faith and declared, “You know what? I’m going to fight like heck and put this brain to the test.” Shortly thereafter, she completed an accelerated MBA in just 10 short months, defying the devastating neurology report, and she’s never looked back.

To Wilson’s advantage, the effects of her fall heightened her mental sensitivity and sharpened her skills and proclivities for visual branding, content and curriculum development. She went on to launch and explode her business and brand as The Business Corner Woman. She’s committed to stepping into the boxing ring of business using a strategic bob, weave, or whatever it takes to land a knockout and get results for her clients.

Visual content is probably the most effective marketing strategy today. One major reason for this is that 70% of all the sensory receptors are in our eyes, and our brain retains 80% of what we see. Statistics show that people are 80% more willing to read when text is accompanied by colorful visuals. asked Wilson to share four easy strategies for exploding any brand using visual content:

  • Add context to your images. If you want to make the most out of your images, don’t just include a caption that gives context. Include some text on the image. Your favorite proverb or quote could enhance your image powerfully.
  • Edit your photos to make them more appealing. If you have an image that looks just average, use a photo editor to add some pop. You might also want to make your product the main focus of the image, so consider using a mobile app or desktop editor for that.
  • Show more, tell less. Why tell others when you can show them instead? Be creative with your visuals. Make them descriptive of the story you want to tell. Use infographics, video, images, slideshows, and graphics.
  • Use videos more often. You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the magnetic attraction by using a video. Research shows that video earns 12 times more shares than links and text posts combined.

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