Nascar's First Black Woman Racer Talks Race & Racing

Nascar’s First Black Woman Racer Talks Race & Racing

Some little girls play with dolls. Others take up sewing. But for a five-year-old Tia Norfleet–now 24–it was a battery-operated toy Corvette that held the most appeal.

It wasn’t an obsession that was too surprising to her dad, NASCAR racing pioneer Bobby Norfleet. But now that he’s retired from the sport, Tia is looking to fill his patch-covered racing jumpsuit and helmet as the first African American female NASCAR driver. BE Next sat down with the Suffolk, Virginia, native–and the first woman to ever be issued a license by NASCAR–to discuss her plight as she looks to move beyond drag racing and qualify for the longer distance tracks, such as Daytona and Talladega.

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