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The Midterm Elections: Candidate Terri Sewell

To help you be informed and prepared when you go to cast your vote on Tuesday, November 2nd, will highlight important races with African-American candidates across the country. During the next week until Election Day, we’ll tell you where the candidates stand, why the race matters, who their opponent is, what the key issues are and their chances of winning. Be sure to check in every day.

Candidate: Terri A. Sewell

Office: U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama, District 7

Opponent: Republican candidate Don Chamberlin

Why the race matters: If elected, the Ivy League-trained attorney will be the first African American woman to represent Alabama in Congress
Constituency: Black majority district, largely urban

Financing: $1,180,977 as of June 30, 2010. Chamberlin has not received enough campaign donations to warrant a report.

Key issues: Job creation for the district, education, infrastructure improvements, and rural healthcare

Political support: President Barack Obama, EMILY’s list, outgoing Rep. Artur Davis, Birmingham News

Chances of winning: Sewell is predicted to win the election handily

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