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The Midterm Elections: Candidate Hansen Clarke

To help you be informed and prepared when you go to cast your vote on Tuesday, November 2, Black Enterprise will highlight important races with African American candidates across the country. Over the next few days until Election Day, we’ll tell you where the candidates stand, why the race matters, who their opponent is, what the key issues are and their chances of winning. Be sure to check in every day.

Candidate: Hansen Clarke

Opponent: John Hauler

Why the race matters: Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Michigan), mother of embattled former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, was one of few people who were truly surprised by State Senator Clarke’s primary win, which ousted the long-term congresswoman. A Clarke victory will ensure that the seat remains in both Democratic and CBC hands. Like President Obama, he comes from a multicultural background (Muslim immigrant father and African American mother) and is considered to be a rising star.

Key issues: Jobs, education, safe streets, homeownership and predatory trade practices

Constituency: Michigan’s 13th district is majority black and urban

Financing: Hanson has reported $402,217 in receipts as of September 30, 2010; during that same period, his opponent has reported $25,660 in contributions.

Political support: Detroit Free Press, Michigan Public Transit Association

Chances of winning: Clarke is expected to win this seat.

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