The Habits of Successful People

The Habits of Successful People

Good habits are at least as important as basic skills when it comes to success in college and work. The ability to apply creative ‘know how’ in new situations is as important as historical and technical knowledge.

David Conley’s work, Next Generation Learning Challenge, suggests broader aims that include habits of success and other dimensions that matter.

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Through its MyWays toolbox, NGLC provides resources and tools to support growth in each of the four areas of the MyWays model. This work is based on more than 18 months of research studying NGLC’s K-12 breakthrough model grantees (see our review of 14 new schools). The four outcome categories of MyWays include:

Habits of Success:

  • Academic behaviors
  • Self-direction and perseverance
  • Positive mindsets
  • Learning strategies
  • Social skills and responsibilities

Creative Know How: The 4Cs (creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration) advanced by P21 and EdLeader21 sit in the Creative Know How section.

Wayfinding Abilities: These abilities include surveying the landscape, identifying opportunities, goal setting, and finding and using resources to make good decisions.

Content: English, math, social studies, science, interdisciplinary knowledge, and career and technical skills.

Similarly, Summit Public Schools (discussed here) helps students develop content knowledge, cognitive skills, habits of success, and real-life experiences. (For more examples, see a discussion of What Should High School Graduates Know And Be Able To Do?)

Where to Start?
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (@Benioff) told Bloomberg that key to being a great leader today is running a multi-stakeholder dialog. Perhaps more than any other sector, school and system heads must be conversation leaders.

To move past a test prep culture, leaders in El Paso, Texas, held dozens of community conversations (like the one pictured below at Henderson Middle School) about what graduates should know and be able to do.

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