SEO Title: BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Lex Pierre-Louis

[The Ad Men] Meet Lex Pierre-Louis

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Men - Lex Pierre Louis
"Lex" Pierre-Louis, Lex promotions and Marketing Group

Name: “Lex” Pierre-Louis

Profession: Founder & CEO of Lex Promotions and Marketing (LPMG) / Lifestyle Marketing-  Maybach Music Group/ Entrepreneur

Age  31

I have  changed/contributed to my industry by: Pushing to be the best in my field by creating and implementing marketing techniques that reach clients demographic. Over the past 10 years, I have implemented client’s brands and products into the lifestyle and culture of consumers.

The millennial generation is not so easily convinced by traditional branding methods that once worked not to long ago. For this new generation of consumers it is much bigger than just simple product advertising through various mediums. In addition to how a product helps them, the “new” consumer responds to lifestyle suggestions that illustrates what a brand stands for and how it lives its value. Cultural branding involves advertising and marketing with a specific lifestyle in mind. It involves people like “Lex” Pierre-Louis who for the past 10 years has successfully integrated brands into the lifestyle and culture of consumers.

CEO of Lex Promotions and Marketing group, Pierre-Louis has one primary focus. To utilize the strength of LPMG in grass roots promotions, urban and youth marketing/promotional campaigns, mix show radio, power promotions, creative advertising, mobile advertising, outdoor marketing, and special event planning. Targeting specific demographics using non-traditional advertising tactics allows the marketing teams he develops to implement strategic campaigns that generate business sales and results.

Companies must be quick, and brand by relevant association to consumer lifestyle. They must also energize and stimulate an emotional response in a genuine way. “My inspiration comes from understanding the urban and youth demographic, and understanding what it takes to capture their attention,” Pierre-Loius tells BE Modern Man. “My determination is my drive to be the best in my field and always remain creative in my work.”

Creativity is essential for brands and individuals to mover forward in today’s fast paced society where consumers are being inundated by advertising messages wherever they turn to look. The love for advertising, marketing, branding and promotions is what sparks Pierre-Louis’s creative energy. His passion pushes him to continuously challenge himself and keep his eyes open for inspiration. “My mind does not have an off button or even out to dinner button,” says Pierre-Louis. “Small observations can spark an idea for a project. I can go to dinner and observe the behaviors and interactions of a restaurants employees and it generates a creative idea that I am eager to implement in my work.”

This type of work ethic has resulted in Pierre-Louis and his company being the recipient of numerous awards including, “Independent marketing executive of the year” S.I.N. Awards,  “Men of Distinction” Miami Herald/LegacyMagazine, and “Power 30, Under 30”. It is great to recognized, but for Pierre-Louis no award can come close to the joy he experiences as a father to his eight-year-old daughter. “My role as a father is the most rewarding career ever,” ssays Pierre-Louis. “I am able to watch her characteristics, body language, facial expressions, and personality and ultimately watch her grow into her own person. Being a father and knowing that I am responsible for her well being is the true achievement.”

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