BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Kent Matlock

[The Ad Men] Meet Kent Matlock

Name: Kent Matlock

Profession: Advertising & Public Relations

What is your age? 55

I have contributed/changed the advertising and marketing industry by: Consistently bringing my very best for over 30 years.

For Kent Matlock success can be measured in the numbers, but the most meaningful work has been the work that was the most painful. As Chairman and CEO of Matlock Advertising and Public Relations, Matlock has stayed the course and built one of the nation’s leading authorities on multicultural marketing. For over 20 years, Matlock Advertising and Public Relations has created award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

A father to a 19-year-old, a son and a brother to two siblings, Matlock’s rise did not come without its share of challenges. “There have been times over the years where there was constant pain,” Matlock tells BE Modern Man. “For example, representing Coretta Scott King and being with her before the establishment of the national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and throughout many other milestones and challenges in her lifetime.”

It is within these challenges that an uncommon understanding of their clients and their unique markets emerge. Matlock and his team excel in designing extraordinary brand experiences that engage multicultural consumers. “To have in my lifetime contributed a body of work that embodies intelligence of the mind, integrity in one’s relations and a passion in one’s implementation and execution is a testament to my dedication to what I do and believe.”

As a young person Matlock had opportunities to work on global brands for big brand-builders like Coca-Cola. “The most powerful thing was being able to learn from people who knew how to do things in a world-class way and being able to adapt to the changing times, technology and innovation to continue to not just be right, but also to win in the marketplace,” Matlock tells BE Modern Man.

During the 80’s soft drink consumers were leaning towards low- or no- calorie brands and the Coca-Cola company needed a big idea. “One of my favorite advertising and marketing campaigns was the introduction of Diet Coke in the 80’s,” says Matlock. “Observing the introduction of new Coke and the change of course that it required was a great campaign to be a part of.”

We know that engaged consumers become loyal customers who sustain brands and enhance reputations. Whether it is through advertising, public relations or crisis management, we maximize and protect our clients’ most valuable assets: their brands and reputations.

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