The 15 Realest #NiceGentrifier Tweets
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The 15 Realest #NiceGentrifier Tweets You Should See

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The sweltering neighborhoods in major cities around America are being flooded by new citizens.

Armed with yoga mats, tapered shorts, and flannel shirts—the Bohemian groove has begun in places such as Brooklyn, Harlem, Oakland, and Detroit. Gentrification has proven infuriating and frustrating to longtime residents and natives within these communities, yet continues as high-rise developments are constructed in POC neighborhoods.

To bring to light the issue of gentrification, “Teen Mom NYC” Gloria Malone created the #NiceGentrifier hashtag, which quickly gained steam online. While there is no such thing as a “nice gentrifier,” Twitter accepted the logic and attempted to show just how false of a title and concept it is.

Without further ado, we decided to highlight the 15 realest #NiceGentrifier tweets that you should check out.