Is Technology Helping or Hurting Children’s Development?

#SoundOff: Is Technology Helping or Hurting Children’s Development?

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There are various challenges that arise when raising a child, but throw in the latest smartphones and tablets, unlimited data plans and popular social networking sites, and you’ve got a whole new set of concerns.  Parents, it’s clear that raising kids in the digital age has given you an additional title: hall online monitor. And with some parents gifting their toddlers and pre-schoolers with mobile devices, it has others wondering, how young is too young when it comes to introducing your children to tech?

Gerri Willis, host of The Willis Report on Fox Business Network, recently discussed parenting in the digital age with Have a New Kid by Friday author Dr. Kevin Leman, who believes technology is alright in moderation. However, the psychologist and father of five, is concerned that children are losing sight of their real purpose: to simply be kids.

“It’s crazy what’s going on,” said Leman during an on-air interview. “Kids are growing up way too fast; we’re putting things in kids’ hands too early. There’s something wonderful about, you know, growing up, and have a little nativity, if you will, naïveness to your approach in life and not this whole hurried approach to education.”

With more and more parents introducing their children to the world of technology, whether through their own gadgets or their child’s device, child development specialists are concerned it’s affecting kids’ attention spans, communication abilities, and spelling and grammar skills, among other daily functions. Others argue they’re preparing their children to be tech-savvy adults by introducing them to apps, gadgets, and the web before they enter school.

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