BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Rodney Williams

[The Ad Men] Meet Rodney Williams

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Mens - Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams, LISNR: Image, Facebook

Name: Rodney Williams

Profession: Founder of LISNR

Age: 31

Baltimore, Maryland, also known as Charm City, is a historical society pervaded with rich customs, a variety of multicultural attractions, and delicious eatery. From its near-omnipresent row houses, the distinct slang, and the Inner Harbor, Baltimore remains a unique location for residents and tourist. Some of the most well known successful Hollywood stars, philanthropist, and business owner’s hail from these grounds. One of these remarkable individuals includes technology guru, Rodney Williams.

Discovering innovative ways to drive marketing and advertising messages to millennial consumers to drive revenue is critical to business growth. No matter the size of your marketing and advertisement budget, creatively delivering your brand message is essential to win today. LISNR a high frequency inaudible technology communication protocol founded by Williams is changing the way we share across physical and digital spaces. LISNR provides content creators and brands a distribution platform for mobile that delivers unparalleled second screen experiences and proximity based messaging via the smart tones’ identification and triggering capabilities. For marketing and advertising teams this means a more seamless and efficient interaction experience for consumers through the mobile channel.

Coming from Baltimore, Williams understood the importance of higher learning. At the age of 18, he went on to pursue an education at West Virginia University, receiving two undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics. Following the completion of his undergraduate education, the young minority scholar went on to receive his masters degree in Finance and Supply Chain Management at Howard University. ” I chose to go to Howard over NYU because I sat in the office with them and they said they believed in me. That’s what sold me,” Williams tells BE Modern Man.

Rodney’s competitive edge was understanding how technology could be used to make his job or his teams job easier. In this understanding is where his idea has evolved. As of today, LISNR is the most efficient tool to connect to any device. “If you want to compare us to anything, you just compare it to Bluetooth,” says Williams. “It’s just audio, audio that you can’t hear.” The advantage with LISNR is that the platform can turn on anything that has the ability to broadcast sound. “Every speaker, every television, every smartphone can be used to trigger this type of experience based on wherever you are. It has a very powerful effect.”

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