Teacher Suspended After Asking Students to Re-Enact Brown Shooting

Teacher Suspended After Asking Students to Re-Enact Michael Brown Shooting

Michael Brown
Michael Brown (Image: Facebook)
Michael Brown (Image: Facebook)

According to local Alabama mother Jessica Lynn Baughn, her sixth grade son was asked to re-enact the shooting of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin as part of a lesson on current events.

Baughn wrote a complaint about the lesson on the Facebook page “S.O.S – Sound off Selma” saying that her son told her that the white students played the police officer, while the black students played Brown and Martin.

“She even has them get on the Internet and research how many times the young man was shot where he was shot at,” Baughn wrote.

Baughn’ son, Jimmy Griffin, attends Brantley Elementary School in the Dallas County School System. The school district’s superintendent Don Willingham weighed in on the issue saying that the instructor was teaching about current events when someone brought up the Brown shooting. Declining to go into details about the lesson, Willingham simply says that the class was asked to conduct a “skit” about the situation.

The unidentified teacher has been placed on suspension without pay. Willingham agreed not to disclose how long the suspension will last, but did say that the teacher is expected to return to work in the future.