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She is Making Tech Fashionable Starting With a Stylish Laptop Case

Stylish Laptop Case
Laptop Case (Image: Chic Geek)

When Candice Adams decided to start Chic Geeks, she wanted something a little more stylish when it came to her flat silver laptop case. After two-plus years of prototyping, she came up with a product that no fashionable woman could resist. Cases that had all of the color, texture, and bling that one could ever wish for.

Stylish Laptop Case
Stylized Laptop Cases (Image: Chic Geeks)


“I grew up in Southern California and am true Cali girl at heart,” Adams told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “In college, I became a realtor and was promoted to a commercial real estate broker soon after. Eventually, I earned an MBA from Pepperdine University and began working in wealth management.” Although Adams had prior entrepreneurial experience, her MBA and previous business knowledge — working for a corporation — gave her the acumen to start what is now known as Chic Geeks.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember,” continued Adams. “As a kid, I used to buy trinkets from yard sales and re-sale them to neighbors door-to-door. Over the years, I sold candy, makeup, health supplements, you name it. It was working in real estate that first taught me the importance of market research, great marketing, and proper management.”

So why laptop cases?

“When I purchased a new laptop, I really wanted a cute case to protect it. To my surprise, I couldn’t find any that were stylish and fashionable. Immediately, I knew I had to design my own and create a line for others to enjoy them too. I thrive on making the spaces around me inspiring and beautiful.”

Even with her past experience, the road to market wasn’t easy for Adams.

“Questioning myself was my biggest obstacle. Every step along the way presented challenges that made me doubt if I was making the right decision. It took a lot of prayers and a great deal of faith to be reminded that Chic Geeks was meant to be” said Adams. “Betting on myself and believing in my vision has been my best investment yet.”

Stylish Laptop Case
Founder, Candice Adams (Image: Chic Geeks)

Adams recently launched the company and is already gaining tons of traction. She has connected with several high profile social media influencers in the beauty and tech space and that strategy is working wonders for her. “Don’t underestimate the power of social media,” stated Adams. “It’s the fastest way to find your audience and connect with your customers. It pays to have great photos, present a clear message, and be consistent.”

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