5 Top Fall Fashion Trends for the Office

Style Suite: 5 Fall Fashion Staples Perfect for the Office

Welcome to the Style Suite with Kéla Walker, your source for fashion and style trends for power plays in the workplace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’ll share tips and suggestions to help maximize your style on a budget. Whether you’re the style devil in Prada or the apprentice with limited apparel, you’ll find something in the Style Suite to suit your needs.

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This fall there are a ton of new trends in store for a season of style. From oxblood and baroque to pencil skirts and moto jackets, there’s a lot to choose from. It can seem expensive to indulge in them all, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little strategic planning and know-how you can make the most of this season’s trend and get the best bang for your buck. (Shop the looks here.)

Here are five key style trends you should invest in that will transcend and withstand the test of time:

Leather: Whether it be real or faux, leather is more than in this season. Over the past few years the quality of faux leather has increased tremendously, making the look of leather affordable. However, for staple pieces like pencil skirts and classic cuts, I suggest making an investment in the real thing. For more trendier items like leggings, t-shirts and flirty skirts, save your money and go faux.

Oxblood: This color is all the rage this season but lets be real, it’s just the color burgundy reincarnated. Burgundy, oxblood, wine, bordeaux—call it what you like, but get something in this color. The trend aside, it’s a great color for fall  and can live in your closet for years. Get it in chunky knits and nail polish, or combine it with a leather accessory such as a bag.

Chunky Knits: Big sweaters are perfect for pairing with just about anything in your closet. Avoid bulky shapes and opt for a tailored, slim cut instead. Buy them in bold colors and pair with a pencil skirt, or partner them with your matchstick pants and a pair of great heels for a cozy chic look.

Pointy-Toe Pumps: Some of you swore these off years ago, but pointy pumps are back with a vengeance. Pointy pumps are the easiest and best way to look polished and pulled together. Whether worn with pants or dresses, they give punctuation to any look. Just take a look to First Lady Michelle Obama for confirmation.

Prints and Patterns: Last but not least, Prints are the new normal. If you don’t have something with a print, it’s as good a time as any to add it to your work wardrobe. From florals and animal prints to graphic colors and galaxies, I like playing with prints and there are tons of options. Invest in classic cuts and styles that you can wear long past this season.

Make the right combinations and these five fall must-haves can create a full head-to-toe look or at least a week’s worth of style. As always, shop your own closet before you head out for the stores. It’s likely you already have one or two of these items from past seasons that you can dust off and ease back into your power look today.

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